I may have limited resources on hand right now, there are some issues around some service providers so there are something that I have to do myself or there would be even more difficult situation to deal.

The first item, the mouse (The rabbit is since 2019), this is what is the second context since 1997. You may click here for the fun , generally get refreshed at 0000H,0400H,0800H,1200H,1600H,2000H daily

The second item, is mainly about south-asia fashion, this is what former owner, FANASH, has been using this domain name for selling fashion so I keep that style. You can get some fashion of south asia via here

The third item, is about the author, You either select from , or , as the content shall go to the same place, the first point is here, the feed contains some personal's suggestions plus what's new about the author, so have fun chuhei's rss feed

The fourth item maybe considered as temporary right now. which is's feed

The fifth item is traditional, stable . which is chuhei's odysee feed

The sixth item is traditional. which is chuhei's youtube feed

There are some options which is under adjustments, may received some unpleasent pleasure.

The above links you clicked is RSS feed, It is suggested using rss reader such as thunderbird, feeder, Flym news reader or equivalent to subscribe them, you can read in raw at your will. You can visit respective website as well, Registration is optional.

Last but not least,such as subscribing newslatter, register an account prior pressing bell or subscribe channel . These moves maybe considered in history because of code such as GDPR, demands and other serval reasons. As I am realtively new, Who damn know a small widget known as RSS save some people from some GDPR trouble?

It is said, service providers reserve their right not providing RSS feed service without prior notices.

Here ,maybe why use rss feed