Why RSS?

To suit ordinance such as GDPR, The anti-trust act (In hong kong, which is chapter 619, competition ordiance ). That duo makes operators feeling somehow difficult. In my opinion, most of them are excuses due to infromation mining. I fear the related passage about one proposition are too long, too complicated. In short, I, as an operator, Have to give a potential customer ,at least three choices so basically, no penalty.

What choices? Visit my location regularly, registering on that platform, press follow to follow, getting my rss or do all

There are some consideration around three choices above

1. You do rarely know where to look at, you do rarely know when being refreshed.

2. It is a bad move for just following after GDPR is effective, also the workflow, which is register, visit my channel, press follow, receiving email, is in history. You registering an account as you like post new things. If for just watching, then I suggest reconsider the move.

3. Just like asking catalogue in old days, You do no need to know when getting issued, just add feed link to your feed reader (subscribe) such as thunderbird, flym or equivalent. The behind may do for you, you can refresh manually, you can set timer to get refreshed automated. You can remove the feed at your own will with no messy.

there is a hint about finding what's new. As The gathering is based on published date, So It is suggested to show when received, so far, this is a thunderbird's option.